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What's the Difference? (Between Chalk Paint and Regular Paint).

What's the Difference? (Between Chalk Paint and Regular Paint).

What's the Difference? I was asked by a customer.  (thanks Racheal).  This simple question kind of stopped me in my tracks.  As I have been using chalk paint for a long time in my furniture painting journey it's been a while since I thought about why this is my choice.  It made me think of the customer who walks into my store and sees all the gorgeous colours and painted furniture but who has never heard of or seen chalk paint before. What can I tell them about why they should use chalk paint too?

I have used 'normal' paint to paint furniture, but these tend to peel off if you don't use a primer and sand off varnish etc.. this makes for a lot of work.  Unnecessary with Premium Chalk Paint!

You can paint straight onto just about any surface, varnished wood, metal, glass, matt plastic, concrete without sanding or priming.  I usually just give a piece a quick wash with sugar soap (especially if I've bought the piece from someone else).  This saves on so much time.  I'm a pretty impatient person so this makes me very happy!!

Premium Chalk Paint also has a fast dry time.  Usually approx 30-40 minutes (longer in colder weather of course).  I love this too!  It means I can often get a piece painted in a day.  No more smelly fumes either with the low VOC's. Yay!

On a more personal level, I love the highly pigmented, and superior coverage of the Premium Chalk Paint recipe.  It also allows to be so much more experimental and creative with the finishes I decide to use.  

Finally using waxes clear, dark or add a paint for another look entirely, or one of the three types of lacquer, sealing the piece is more fun and adds another dimension to whatever look you are trying to achieve. Strong, durable and functional. So that's the difference, quite a bit really!!  and also why I have long been an advocate of chalk paint.  No throwing away in landfill, updating your furniture has never been easier.  

I'm always available to talk you through your own individual project.  There are endless possibilities.