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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Welcome to my first official journal post!!

It feels like it's been quite a journey to get here but now the website has gone live it's time to say Hi! Welcome! Kia Ora! I feel like I've already used too many exclamation marks but I'm quite excited to finally be writing this.  You can read about how I finally got to make my Bowerbird dream a reality in my about me page. This post is about the Bowerbird team.  So far that consists of me (Melanie) and Maree and Fifi.

Maree has worked for me before so I knew I was getting a great employee already when she started at Bowerbird (pretty handy!).  She has endless enthusiasm for creating and learning which is helpful as we intend to have loads of workshops.  Maree is also a certified Sweetie. You can ask her anything (and I do!). You can learn more about her from this handy dandy questionnaire I created:

How did you start sewing? I grew up n the country and my Mum was always sewing. She made a lot of our clothes. I hated sewing at school because the teacher would always make comments such as I need to sew faster etc! (I personally know that Maree is a perfectionist and that's why she wouldn't have been fast!) In my last year at High School I bought my first sewing machine and started making clothes out of knit fabric.  My patchwork/quilting started when I had my first baby.... 18 years ago.  to this day I am still a slow sewer, but luckily that teacher did not put me off forever!

Who are your favourite designers? Tula Pink, Alison Glass, Libs Elliot, Giucy Giuce and Tim Holtz. However I love so many different types/styles of fabric so my list of designers could easily include many more.

What are your favourite fabrics and colours? I love bright colours, but equally love black and whites with a splash of colour.  Fabrics like Linen and Manchester are fun to include for some extra texture.

What is your favourite quilting technique? I really enjoy Applique because you get to see the whole design early on.  Then the addition of stitching really brings your piece to life. Foundation Paper Piecing and English Paper Piecing are also techniques I really like.

What do you always have beside you while sewing? Pins on a magnetic pin holder (or pin cushion), snips and my quick unpick! and my black cat Jelly!

What is something you would like to learn? Cathedral Window technique, Kantha Stitching and other handsewn techniques, Crochet - more techniques beyond the basics, Card Making and Weaving on a big weaving loom.

What other hobbies do you have? A lot of my hobbies have been on hold for a while as there are not enough hours to do everything!  Lead Lighting and Copper Foil Glass work, Mountain Biking, Photography and reading.

How many WIPS do you have? Way too many to want to share the exact the numbers! When I first started Patchwork and Quilting I enjoyed  trying out lots of different techniques and patterns, but the quilting part scared me! So I have alot of quilt tops that need quilting.

What is your favourite part of quilting? I think sewing on a quilt binding would be one favourite as it means I'm so close to having a finished quilt, not just a finished quilt top. Sewing individual quilt blocks is a fun part of quilting too as you slowly get hints of how your quilt is going to look .

What are your other favourite things to sew? Sewing pouches, tubs and bags are fun as they are reasonably quick, look cute and of course are so functional! I love sewing useful items. 

Fifi the French Bulldog is our other team member.  She is generally to be found trying to break all World Records for loudest Snorer.  She is also pretty good at sitting on quilts or any other thing you might want to be working on.  

And then there is me.  My questionnaire is below:

How did you start sewing?  My Mum taught me initially.  I started with a skirt.  It was long Navy Blue with a Red stripe down the side.  I wore it once!

Who are your favourite designers?  I love florals so Anna Maria Horner fabrics make me go squeeeeeee.  I also love bright and whimsical so Tula Pink is also a favourite.

What is your favourite quilting technique? I remember when I first learnt how to do foundation paper piecing.  I felt so fancy and still really love it.

What do you always have beside you when you are quilting?

What is something you would like to learn?  I have started teaching myself embroidery stitches, I'd like to improve on them and use my own designs and incorporate them into other work.

What other hobbies do you have? I have always had a love of reading and also gardening.

How many WIPS do you have? Just like my age, it is rude to ask, but I will say I have many.....

What is your favourite part of quilting/sewing? I love to choose fabric and think about colour combinations. And then the finish of course!!

What are your other favourite things to sew? I love making pouches and other handy items.  I would also love to have more time for garment sewing. 


We can't wait to meet you, whether that is in person or online.  We are here to help you on your creative journey and to that end if you have any questions, helpful hints or suggestions we welcome them all.