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Growing up I loved to spend time with my Nana, gardening, doing puzzles, colouring in were only some of the things we did together.

This time together taught me that making things with your hands was highly satisfying and something I have carried on doing throughout my life. Somewhere in my teens I was taught the basics of floristry and when I was in my twenties I decided this is what I wanted to do and couldn’t wait to have my own shop. Sadly I worked so hard my hands couldn’t take it anymore and I had to find a new source of creativity.

My mother had originally started teaching me to sew. She had always made me clothes growing up. When my children were babies I revisited this and taught myself how to sew. As a lot of stay at home Mums do I started a website! But I did a 360degree turnaround and bought the wholesale business I got my fabric from.

I wholesaled beautiful fabrics for 7 and a half years, but always my first love of retail and the connection this gives me to our community was calling. So I sold the wholesale business and dedicated myself to fulfilling my dream. Opening a fun Makery called Bowerbird.

At Bowerbird, our mission is to create a magical space where makers and creators can thrive in a bright, inclusive, exciting environment.

It’s for this reason that we opened our Makery, so we could supply and encourage the wonderful Makers of the world with workshops, fabrics, fibres and chalk paint.
After talking to people of all ages and creative inclinations, we saw that there was a real appetite to work and learn in a space that feels inspiring and inclusive. We also know that our Makers are looking for a group of unique people who they can connect with and create alongside.

So that’s exactly what happens at Bowerbird: we create a place where everyone is welcome to explore, enjoy, create and be supported in their journey as a Maker.





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