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Embroidered Monogram Tutorial

Embroidered Monogram Tutorial


As soon as this very pretty floral Alison Glass fabric arrived in store I just knew I wanted to stitch on it.  I had seen Embroidered Letters before so I started with that idea.  I thought I would share my process with you.  This method could be adapted for many other shapes.

The first decision to make was the Font. I chose Calibrae as it is very rounded and would make stitching the outside easier.  Next was the size of the Font.  It ended up being size 600 as I wanted a very specific size to fit into my brass and glass frame (available instore!).  This was done on Microsoft Word.

We have a product from the Gypsy Quilter which is Applique Freezer Paper.  You can put this into your printer and print on it.  I cut the B (for Bowerbird) out and ironed it onto a piece of felt. 

I then cut round the B shape and reused the shape for the piece of fabric as well.  I actually made a pink version as well so it was well used!

The next step was to glue the fabric to the felt.  I used a Sewline fabric glue pen.  Then I stitched away.  I couched Gimp around the outside first to give a framework and then I got to work on the flowers using a combination of French Knots, Backstitch, Lazy Daisy, and Straight Stitch.  Nothing too complicated.

I hope you enjoyed the Tutorial!