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Pretty Spring Chair Update

Pretty Spring Chair Update

When our Artisan Company Chalk Paint started to arrive I was so so happy.  Maree and I spent ages oooohing and aaaahing over all the delicious colours.  When it came time to choose which one to use for projects it was so so hard to decide.  I think I probably spent equal time angsting over what colour to use as I did actually painting.  My first projects for Bowerbird were all shop display related. So it was super fun to finally do a project with actual furniture.  I chose a couple of tired looking outdoor wooden chairs. 

I think it's because it was the end of Winter and I was looking forward to Spring so I went with a fresh delicate look.  Thoughts of sipping a Sauv and surveying my gardening efforts inspired me to choose a pretty Linen/Cotton mix fabric to replace the grungy green chair pads that came with the chairs.  I got the samples of the chalk paint I thought would suit the chairs and fabric and spent ages trying to decide. They all would have been suitable and so pretty.

However I finally managed to make my mind up.  After asking everyone who came near the table where I had set up my choices. Maree, Fifi and my daughter Stella! Fifi didn't have much to say about it.  Which one would you have gone with?  I chose the Duck Egg.  I wanted light bright and fresh.  I also used the Velvet Luxe Artisan Company Paint as you can use it for outdoor items without having to put any other finishes on it.  Making the painting aspect super quick and easy.  Plus no sanding!  The only prep I did was wash them down with a bit of Sugar Soap and water as they needed a bit of a clean.

They turned out pretty well I thought.  And then next it was on to reusing the grotty old chair pads.

Your seam ripper is really your best friend at this stage of the process.  I've had this one for a while but managed to break it while dealing to these pads.  I was so sad!  I was happy again once I had used the old fabric to make a pattern for my new chair pads and my project was done.  So satisfying!!

Here are the finished chairs.  I think they look so pretty. I can definitely see myself sitting there after a day in the garden or just after work relaxing.

If you need any advise for a similar project, just email me or come and see me in store I'm always happy to help out.