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Sallie Tomato Snap-Together Grommets .5" Nickel

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You will receive one set of Four Double Faced Snap Together Grommets with a 12mm inner diameter. Easily install these grommets without any special tools! Simply snap each side of the grommet together with your hands. If you prefer you can install them using a mallet or anvil and setter. These double faced grommets look stunning from both sides. Use grommets for attaching straps or drawstring on handbags and bucket bags.  These grommets best accommodate straps or drawstring that is 3/8in or 1/2in wide. For best results I'd recommend installing them on a bag at measures 1/8 3/8in thick. Each grommet measures 12mm inner diameter and 23mm outer diameter. They are very lightweight and add a high-end finish to your handmade bag!