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Metallic Glaze - Finley Gold

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Artisan Metallic Glazes offer a completely new realm of exciting possibilities when it comes to decorative painting & metallics on furniture, walls and decor. Uniquely formulated by NZ's Boutique paint manufacturer using the highest quality raw materials, ingredients & pigments with each metallic blended, crafted and adjusted to perfection. A metallic that is soft & lustrous, formulated to be semi -translucent and easy to manipulate and work with. Designed to be used over our Artisanal paints and products it provides the opportunity to create anything from multi-tonal metallics, metallic washed effects, creative layered looks to aged metallics. Our Metallic Glazes will allow for decorative detailing as well as function in creating a strong durable surface for your paint projects at the same time. Every 120ml goes a long way and will generally be enough to cover your average size set of drawers and bedside tables and may even leave you with a little extra for your decor.