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Make Your Own Medallion

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Make Your Own Medallion: Mix and Match Blocks and Borders to Build Your Quilt form the Center Out. Make Your Own Medallion is the essential workbook for quilters who love the timeless look of quilts but have never found the perfect pattern to sew. Author Erin Burke Harris has the answer- design your own! Erin takes all the pesky math out of those calculations leaving you with nothing but perfect borders without the stress. Leave your calculator behind because Erin starts by including handy cutting charts for over 30 popular blocks, in up to six sizes each. Next, choose from 12 beautiful center blocks in a variety of constructions techniques to suit your personal sewing style. Finally, get inspired by six ready-made quilt patterns in a variety of sizes to either make them as Erin has, or swap out her blocks for some of your favorites. Erin takes care of the numbers, the borders, the all you have to do is grab your fabrics and get started making your own medallion.