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KimberBell Light Mesh Cut-Away

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FEATURES: It is a permanent stabilizer that will remain forever affixed to the embroidery and will provide long lasting support for the design, it also helps retain the shape after repeated washing. It's easy cutaway feature lets you reveal a masterpiece without leaving behind any residue. Our Ultralight Mesh is perfect for any hoop size, disappears into the fabric, smooth and soft to the touch, little to no shadowing, no stretching and stays taught throughout stitching. APPLICATIONS: Our Ultralight Mesh works best with lightweight stretchy or knit fabrics, soft cloth and also natural fibers. Great for baby quilts and piecing projects. Apart from hoop embroidery, the sheet backing can also be used for computerized lace projects, decorative stitching, appliqué designs, home quilts and so much more. STITCH DENSITY (12,000): Our Ultralight Weight Cut-Away Embroidery Stabilizer for light stitch count designs, for much denser designs, you can use more than one layer.