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Sashiko For Making and Mending - Saki Iiduka

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Let this book show you the pleasure of repairing, reinforcing and making beloved items using sashiko embroidery! Sashiko for Making and Mending shows you how to use sashiko stitching to mend rips, repair things like fraying cuffs and create original accessories that look fabulous. With this book, you'll be able to embrace the visible mending movement-the practice of repairing high quality items you already own instead of replacing them with cheaper "fast fashion" alternatives. It also gives you the opportunity to practice the craft, with instructions for 15 handmade items, including: Gorgeous indigo pouches A rustic linen book cover Breezy, multipurpose cotton stoles A simple, elegant tote bag And so much more! This book teaches many easy variations of the traditional sashiko stitches-highlighting the impact simple, well-executed stitching can have on everything from embellishing napkins to repairing a jacket. Its gorgeous, thoughtful aesthetic and high-functionality makes sashiko the perfect all-purpose embroidery!